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3 reviews
This is my first experience with Korean food and it was amazing! I tried the Budae Jjigae (kimchi stew) and the Ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes). Both were deliciously savory and comforting on this cold snowy day. They both had the perfect amount of heat - enough to clear your sinuses - without the obnoxious burn. They provided a side of white rice, kimchi and pickled daikon radish, all which provided a nice refreshing bite in between the bigger bites. Will most definitely order again and cant wait to try their other dishes!


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I was very hungry when I ordered my food, today, and when I checked what time it would be delivered, Grubhub showed a delivery time of 5:15 pm to 5:25 pm. Next thing I know, I hear a knock on the door and all of my delicious food is in my hands before 5 pm!!! Kang Chon Korean Restaurant ALWAYS delivers earlier than the advertised time, but they outdid themselves, this afternoon/evening! Thank you for the quick delivery and the amazing food!


Top Reviewer
Compared to the last time I ordered the Ja Jang Myun, this one was much better, as if the recipe changed. The Beef Tang Soo Yook was also good. It's not the usual vegetable and fruit selection I'm normally used to seeing that comes with the sauce, but it was delicious nonetheless! However, don't be surprised if the drivers don't follow your directions due to not being able to read English.


Top Reviewer
This place is great. Im pretty sure they are cooking the fried rice to order. Its great. So is the bulgogi and the kalbi. The gentleman the delivered the food was extremely polite. I love this place.


1 review
Was there for a pick up order so didn't get to stay long, however, the folks there were really nice and honestly I'd like to have a sit down meal there to enjoy and see/feel the atmosphere in action!

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Kang Chon Korean Restaurant Reviews on Seamless


1 review
The delivery person made conversation, which was nice.


1 review
Great food, worth the delivery time!


1 review
Delicious and authentic

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